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Our Doctor's

Patient satisfaction is the most important to us. Striving to provide advanced, comprehensive, friendly medical care. We treat you with the kindness we would show our own family member.

About Dr. Narin Singer

Dr. Narin Singer was born and raised in rural South Dakota, and was a Presidential Scholar at the University of South Dakota where he received his bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Health Services Administration and a minor in Pre-Med studies.

Dr. Singer is a graduate of the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, where he was also a Presidential Scholar, and of the Harvard Memorial Hospital Podiatric Surgical Residency program where he was trained in all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery. He has earned Board Certification as a Podiatrist and has also earned Fellow Status in Podiatric Wound Care. Since finishing his hospital surgical residency training, he has been practicing podiatric medicine and surgery for over seventeen years in nearly every area of his field from mobile long-term care primary podiatry to office based practice covering the full scope of podiatry to hospital based podiatric surgical practice. He has owned a practice, been a partner in a practice, been an employee podiatrist while enjoying his podiatry career in several environments from his vast experience with geriatric patients in ALFs and nursing homes to large multi-specialty clinics to traditional podiatry offices to surgically focused hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Dr. Singer's career has been characterized by his gentle bedside manner and caring attitude towards all of his patients. His favorite part of being a podiatrist is in fact all of the wonderful patients he's been able to speak with, personally get to know, help relieve their pain as a result of their podiatric medical problems, and he takes a personal interest in each individual patient and his/her specific needs. It is not uncommon for him to over time feel as though his patients are his family and friends and he believes every patient deserves to be treated just as though he/she actually is a member of his own family. "A lot of doctors pursue medicine because they are interested in science. I share that interest with all other doctors. But the real reason I became a doctor is because I love people, and there's nothing more rewarding to me than helping people live their lives with less pain and keeping them walking as long as possible as I get to know them on every level," is a quote typical of how Dr. Singer has always related the core simplicity of his philosophy regarding all the patients he has in the past considered and continues to consider it a great privilege to help.

Please contact our office and make an appointment if you'd like Dr. Singer to help you with your podiatric healthcare needs. He'd love to meet you and speak with you, explain what all of your custom treatment options are in your individual case, answer all of your questions about any podiatric problems you may be experiencing, and to help you stay on your feet and remain as active as is possible for many, many years to come.

"I really just want to help people feel better while knowing I truly care about them. There isn't much in life more rewarding than that," Dr. Singer.

Home life

Dr. Singer grew up on a farm and enjoys the outdoors as well as loves animals. Now that you know a little more ubout us, we look forward to getting to know a little more about you!

Why Us?

With every action, we strive to not only meet clients needs, but exceed them in our mission statement to be " a step above the rest". Our Doctors are Board certified, and our techniques are unprecedented.